Come Take a Literal Spin In The Grand Tour Cafe

1y ago


Let's say you're in New York City and decide to step into the local cafe for a cup of coffee and some quiet time. You get your drink, sit down, and your chair starts zooming around the room. What would be your first reaction?

Mine would be to freak out, of course.

That's not EXACTLY how this plays out, but the minds behind The Grand Tour have the right idea. Let's make coffee drinking fun! At The Grand Tour cafe, that is a reality.

As the video shows, a number of customers come in for what they assume will be an normal, vanilla, cafe experience. After a while, an airhorn blows, controls pop out of the furniture, and the countdown begins.

Watch as guests zoom around the cafe in an inpromptu race, with one specific customer lounging sideways while driving like it's something he does on the daily.

Even funnier are the expressions on those who have no idea what to think about what they're seeing around them. Enjoy!

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