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Thought I'd give you a little update on what's coming up here at The Bottom End.

First up we will be taking a Gen2 911 Carrera 4S out and about in North Wales. Looking forward to this; the only 911 I've driven was a 997 Turbo S, so it will be interesting to see how the slightly longer wheelbase on the 991 affects the handling around the twisty tarmac in Snowdonia.

Let us know; where would you like to see us take it?

Let us know; where would you like to see us take it?

Matt Dafforne

We'll take the Boxster with us and have a Porsche day.

After that we will be putting a classic Mini and a current Mini Paceman head-to-head. Two different owners with two different perspectives. Should be a great shoot!

As well as all that, we'll be taking a new M4 convertible out and about, shooting it in winter and summer for what promises to be a spectacular feature.

Keep an eye here on Drive Tribe and all our social media streams for updates.

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