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Question and Answer time!!!

3w ago

I have one question:

What is your favorite car brand?

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  • What are your favorite Convertibles?

    Dababy Convertible

    Rick Astley Convertible

    Porsche 991 Speedster

      20 days ago
  • Do you like monke?

      20 days ago
  • What is your favorite Engine?

      20 days ago
  • What are your top five favorite songs to drive to?

      20 days ago
    • 1. BeBe Rexha I Got You

      2. Rita Ora bang bang

      3. Rita Ora anywhere

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        20 days ago
    • Pompeii Audien Remix

      Spectre LUM!X Remix

      Monster DotEXE Remix

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        20 days ago
  • That is a hard one but if I had to choose one in general I would say... Lamborghini. Yes I know koenigsegg might be better but here is my reasoning behind this. Because Lamborghini makes naturally aspirated engines... if I where to twin turbo an aventador it could have around 6000hp like the photo down below. Even a twin turbo huracan could get a lot of hp if the company that does twin turbo kits Is good. Same thing with the gallardo... so yeah my final sender is Lamborghini.

      21 days ago