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8w ago

Let's face it-You now have a family-Parents, Spouse, Kids, (Maybe) some Doggos/Cats etc. What will be your first choice(aka favourite) Family vehicle?!

I personally will go with that big brute-1996 Chevy Suburban 2500 LS. It is big enough to stuff all the members and literally the whole house in it. Mileage maybe poor, but with decent Diesel prices here, IDM it. And it has no extra useless features-just the basic stuff. As simple as that.

Plus, if you wanna be showy, who wouldn't mind a bit of off-roading?! And yes-that thing can tow literally a trailer! So then:-"All-in-one package vehicle"!!

With that said, what would be your first choice/favourite(Take it as you like) Hauler of all your members and stuff?? Get commenting and rating!!

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