Communication breakdown leads to Maserati breakdown!

We know that Italian cars aren't going to last forever unlike their Japanese counterparts but this is extreme even by those standards!

The inspiration for the title for this story came from a Roy Orbison song that I believe explains why a lot of things go wrong, the name of the song is 'Communication Breakdown'. I've added the link at the bottom!

Here's the story-

Ron goes and buys an almost new Maserati Ghibli for his business, good on him!

It's time for the first service and so Ron takes his Ghibli to the local Maserati dealership and it's all done, no worries!

It's been a year of ownership and now Ron takes his Ghibli to a place called 'the service shop' which is a well knows chain that carries out services and checks for all sorts of cars. We all know that getting your car serviced at the dealer is more than double the cost of a service at other garages so that is a sensible choice.

'The service station' changes the oil and replaces it with a grade (5W-30) that has been provided by Maserati in the manual, all good right? Wrong!

Turns out that 'The service station' and Ron were not aware of a bulletin issued by Maserati in 2017 that suggested the use of a different oil grade (5W-40) for the Ghibli.

The now one year old Ghibli eventually judders and comes to a halt on the side of the motorway . So Ron gets an inspection done and finds out the wrong oil has been used because 'The service station' was misinformed. Now Ron tries to sue Maserati but they say he voided the terms of his warranty by getting it serviced from an external source!

Ron sues Maserati for the cost of the car and loses, who is at fault here?



Ron and 'The service station' are made up names for the purpose of this article.

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