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Community: What's Your Biggest Car-Related Cock-Up?

"You've Ruined It" is a tribe about mistakes and Failures. What are Yours? Let us share our own Cock-Ups and Bathe in Schadenfreude Together.

3y ago

We all make mistakes once in a while. However, as petrol heads these mistakes can have hilarious or horrific consequences. But because we all love a good deal of Schadenfreude and because this tribe is all about failure and cock-ups, I want to know your biggest car-related "You've ruined it"-moments or mistakes.

To get things started, I am going to share my own moments of shame:

1. I once thought that the VW Beetle and the Citröen CV2 were the best cars in the world. The reason for that was probably because the CV2 was the first vehicle I rode in the front seat as a child.

2. When I didn't know any better, I pronounced Lamborghini as "Lamborjini". This ended up to be really akward when in a conversation about cars someone asked me, "You know it's called Lamborghini, right?" - akward silence...

3. I almost ruined my parent's car once because I didn't realize that I was driving with the handbrake still tightened.

4. For a little while I used to think that Audi was a cool brand - that changed after my husband and me bought a BMW...

Now it's your turn. What car-related mistakes - small or big - did you make so far? Post them down in the comments below and let the community laugh about them.

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  • As a kid, I thought that every car in the world is front-engined.

    Then, until a couple of years ago, I thought that Lister Storm is mid-engined.

      3 years ago