Company Takes A Huge Step To Save The Manuals

Who wouldn't want to see a manual shift in action?

4y ago

Sadly the manual gearbox is dying. Slowly marching towards the Automotive afterlife. This is very unfortunate. If you are familiar with anything I've done for Shifting Lanes you'll undoubtedly know that I will go down with the manual. For any enthusiast looking to have a bit of fun on the road the manual is the way to go. You can't push yourself and the car to the limits on public roads without attracting the attention of Johnny Law. Not to mention doing so isn't exactly the safest thing to do. So rowing your own gears is the way to go for a bit of fun that won't kill you or land you in prison.

So why is the manual dying? Clearly it is the best possible transmission choice. Or at least it is to me. For starters Super Cars and Hyper Cars no longer use manuals. Lightning fast Dual Clutch Transmissions are the gear box of choice. Because every manufacturer has become obsessed with lap times the slower (more enjoyable) manual transmission has fallen out of favor. Manuals are dead in all but a few major racing series. In a world where every hundredth of a second really matters time can not be lost anywhere it is avoidable.

2 paddles on the steering wheel have replaced 4 on the floor.

2 paddles on the steering wheel have replaced 4 on the floor.

Secondly, automatics are the most efficient way to go now. We live in a time where mpg trumps mph. Automatics with their ability to have more gears allows for an engine to remain the most efficient window. Sure they're dull and in some cases annoying. However they're efficient, and in today's world that's what matters most.

All told nobody is buying manuals anymore. Our generation is more interested in the latest tech gizmos then enjoying the sensation of the drive. However, all is not lost. There is one company who is championing the manual gear box in all its glory. The company in question is Lotus, specifically the new Lotus Elise. Sadly not road legal here in the states (stupid nanny state) it is legal over in Europe. Those lucky enough to buy one are in for a treat.

Lotus offers any model of the Elise with a manual transmission. Moreover you get a beautiful exposed shift linkage. No shift gate or leather gator, just a clear view into the mechanical components work together. Sure it isn't the most practical thing in the world but who cares? This is art, you can keep your galleries filled with naked lady statues or whatever constitutes art these days. Give me this all day everyday.

Lotus launched a video showing this linkage in action on their Facebook page. I highly suggest you head over there ( check it out.

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Comments (18)

  • I hate having to be limited to automatic transmission in just about every vehicle puchase.

      4 years ago
  • Y'all need to check out spyker. Now that's a exposed gearshift....

      4 years ago
  • I agree. Manual transmissions are beautiful things. I have 2 car I'm looking to convert to manual.

      4 years ago
  • I like the concept - I love it in Paganis - but Lotus' execution here doesn't quite look right to me.

      4 years ago
  • Its like the Pagani Huayra

      4 years ago