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Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional and this is the first time I am trying this so yeah,tell me what you think of it and what I can do to improve in the comments.Also, the prices I am using are according to what I can find in Singapore as that is where I live.Enjoy :)

After my last article called "7 modern cars that I think will go up in value",I think I should try something else as in that article, the people who were kind enough to comment on the points I made in that post pointed out certain parts about it that made me realize that I had not done my research properly and as seeing I don't own a car yet and have to wait 1 more year before I can learn to drive,I thought why not try an article on something I own alot of, Diecast cars.

In this article I will compare cars from certain manufacturers that I own, tell you whats I like and whats I don't like about them and whether they are worth buying.Disclaimer: I will be only comparing cars in the 1:64 scale or thereabout as they are what I own the most.Lets get started

1:Hot wheels

Starting this off is Hot Wheels,probably the most popular in the world and sold just about everywhere,this brand has made a ton of cars, from fictional cars like the Bone shaker and the Twin mill to cars you see like the BMW M2 and the Lamborghini Aventador.Hot wheels has made all sorts of variations of the car,from the normal ones with plastic body and bases, to the absurdly detailed like the RLC Datsun 240z you see above.

Whats good about it

There are alot of good points about Hot wheels,they are cheap, they have a big list of cars and there are so many variations and types of cars like the simple plastice base, wheels and body cars that can be bought for like S$3 to more upscale versions like the entertainment series and the RLC and movie and games sets like the Fast And Furious cars that can cost from S$15-S$40.Also Hot wheels also make tracks that you can race on instead of your sofa.

Whats not so good

Of course there are certain things that Hot wheels doesn"t get right,for instance, some of the the cars in the normal Mainline sets have no details at all on the outside, no headlights and/or no rear lights and can even have an enlarged rear wheel that looks just awkward and wrong for instance the Mclaren P1 below

However, my main problem with Hot wheels is the price some of the cars can retail for, prices may vary depending on the country but I found a super treasure hunt Toyota supra that is retailing for S$60 which is really inflated.The absurd price can also vary but looking at super treasure hunt prices they are always 2 digit and sometimes if its especially rare, they can even fetch 3 digit prices.Of course, I know some of these are collector's items but the prices in my opinion are just to high


Next up we have Matchbox, the now Mattel owned company produces a large number of cars but they mostly are not supercars like Lamborghini and Ferrari but more like everyday cars like the Mazda CX5 and Volvo V60 polestar and even a non type R modern Honda civic and thats not to say they do not produce sports cars, they make sports cars like the Alfa Romeo 4C, Lotus Evora, BMW M1, Jaguar F type and Aston Martin DBS volante.For the most part they are all priced very similarly with sometimes a 2-3 dollar gap depending on the series

Whats good

Most of the Matchbox I have seen or come across have front and rear light detailings and sometimes miss out on things like cooling ducts, also the wheels on the cars like on Hot wheels are varied from car to car although I have seen alot of cars with similar wheels but for the most part the cars are very nicely done.

Whats not so good

Whats not so good about Matchbox cars doesn't really have anything to do with the cars itself but rather the supply, this may not b an issue in the US but here in Singapore, Matchbox cars are very hard to find and when you do find them, they are normally twice as expensive as mainline Hot wheels.


Next up is Tomica, my favorite brand of model cars that I own, this brand is slightly more unique as they produce more everyday cars seen in japan and asia, yes they do produce supercars like Lamborghinis but now, due to acquiring licensing from Hot wheels after their deal expired, they also now produce Ferraris.Some of the more "everyday"cars you see include the Nissan serena MPV above, the new Suzuki Jimny kei car and the Toyota camry.Their range of sports cars include the usual like the Nissan GTR and new Honda NSX and also the new Toyota supra/BMW Z4.And like Hot wheels, they have slightly more expensive cars like the cars in Tomica premium and vintage limited which have more detailing and have even Event models with exclusive cars like the MK3 Toyota supra

Whats good

There are alot of good things about Tomicas,such as the fact they all have front and rear lights detailed in and most even have suspension but mostly its the amount of weird cars they produce, I mean weird in the sense that you probably wont see them unless you are in Japan or Asia,like the Toyota Estima and on the premium cars, they even detail the interior.

But the main party trick of Tomicas is the opening parts, yes i know there are cars from Matchbox that have things like opening tailgates and bonnets but tomica takes it a step furthr this year, on top of their mainline cars having opening sliding doors and boots, the premium cars like the Ferrari 512 and Lamborghini Diablo(which also has real "Lambo"doors that open BTW) have pop up headlights which can be toggled from a switch from the bottom of the car

Whats not so good

To me Tomica's main issue is the wheels,they are ugly and have no design at all and if you look at the serena in the pics above,that wheel design is the worst, it looks like a steel wheel in my opinion and has a very small width and makes it look like a space saver which is ridiculous

And price is an issue, the normal Tomica mainlines already cost S$7 and going to premium is an extra $7 and the limited is very expensive like S$40 sometimes more.

What do you think?

So that is all from me for this article, hope you enjoyed reading and maybe you learned something new about these 1:64 brands.If you have feedback pls feel free to tell me in the comments and maybe even give me suggestions for articles to write.

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