Competition Time! Design your own LB T-Shirt!

7w ago


The only rules for designing a Late Braking T-shirt is that it must have the Late Braking logo somewhere on the shirt. Otherwise, feel free to go mad with your design, make the colours interesting, put clever F1 related things on the top such as "BOX BOX BOX" or "NYEOW NYEEEOW". We want to see all of the weird and wonderful designs!

You'll win a copy of your design on a Late Braking T-shirt and the guys and I will wear it in videos coming out soon! It'll also then be available for others if they wish to purchase it.

To submit your design you can either post your design in the comments, email it to us at, you can send it to us on Twitter @LBraking or you can send it to us on Instagram @Late_Braking

You can submit as many designs as you want, the designs can be drawn on paper and sent via a photo, they can be created using a downloaded template and they can be as rough or as expertly drawn as possible (I'm rubbish at art so we'll get what you mean).

The competition will close on the 15th November with the aim of having the winner announced and the T-Shirts made and available well before Christmas!

Get designing and share this with your friends and fellow F1 Fans!

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