- You gotta have a story man?

Competition; What is your best learner story?

250 Tribecoins are yours for the taking, all I want is your best story with L plates.

31w ago

Terrified your tutor? Displeased Dad? What stories do you have from learning to drive, or if you're still learning, what stories have you accrued so far? Post them in the comments and I'll pick a winner on Monday.

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  • I was doing my driving test and my examiner was a young ish lad. Midway through the test, out runs a man, clearly very drunk, into the middle of the road. Of course I stop, but the man approaches and stands in front of the car shouting abuse and swearing at us. The man then walks around to the open passenger window and starts shouting at the examiner saying how young he looks and how he should be the student, the examiner could barely get any words out he was so scared. I decided the best thing to do was to drive away, and so I floored it and ran the man's foot over in the process! I somehow still managed to pass my test, and the examiner was extremely grateful that I got us out of the situation as he admitted he feared for his life 😂 So yes, I ran someone over on my driving test but still came away with a pass. The test car was a Kia Sportage so I imagine the blokes foot would have hurt the next morning!

      7 months ago
  • I learned to drive at age 7 in a farm truck during a summer I spent on a great uncles farm while my step-dad slowly passed away from cancer. I don't know if it was to keep my mind occupied or just that everyone on a farm works but he put me to work driving his flat bed farm truck around the field every morning while he made a trail of hay for the cows. Ostensibly because the pitchfork to toss hay was too dangerous for me but at 7 I felt the truck looked more dangerous, still I was ecstatic to get to drive a real vehicle, even if at less than 10 mph (he literally welded a nut to the floor and thread a bolt into it to keep the gas pedal from going to far down). One day his bull decided he was randomly mad at the truck (which was full of large dents so this probably happened often) as he started ramming the truck with his head my uncle began yelling for me to get the shotgun off the rack behind me and shoot the bull in the head... Now me being a sensitive 7 year old that loved nature and all animals I was appalled, and started bawling. I thought (naively of course) he wanted me to kill it, and I cried back I didn't want too kill it. He yelled back that it wouldn't it was loaded with rock salt... I had never held a real gun much less shot one. So you could say I was nervous. I picked it up pointed the heavy thing out the window at the bull and pulled the trigger. Weighing a hair over 60lbs if I was lucky, I was knocked back and felt like I could probably clap my shoulders together better than my hands. But when I looked out the window the bull was halfway across the pasture and my uncles voice cackling hysterically in laughter from the back of the truck came back through the window. It wasn't til after the morning chores, while at the breakfast table when he was retelling what happened to my aunt, that I found out that the bull had started trotting off to get a running start just before I poked the gun put the window and I had shot it in the ass and balls. According to him he had never seen a bull leap forward at all, much less 10-15 feet, and that it hit the ground running and didn't stop til sometime after it had topped the hill. That bull hated me ever after (not that I think it was fond of me before).

      7 months ago
  • So I was walking down the street, and suddenly I hear this extremely loud noise, and the wail of a engine following it. I turn around, and I see a young L plater in a red Corolla. He then suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, began to rev to about 4,000, and skidded off, before coming to a violent halt. He had stalled. He then turned around, and proceeded to reach max revs in 1st, but didn’t change! So he’s flying down the street at 7000rpm!

      7 months ago
  • Thinking I had a f*cking epileptic attack thanks to a tw@t in an XC90 with his full bright beams on while literally touching my arse in a 20mph zone. Didn't even bother overtaking!

      7 months ago
  • I remember it well. My driving instructor, a mad man named Jimmy decided it was time for me to perform my first ever emergency stop. So, we lined up on the bit of road and he told he to keep driving until he smacked his clipboard on the dash. Well, little did I know that he was such a nutter. Not only were his feet up on the dash but he also had a cup of hot soup in his hand. As you can imagine, this didn’t end too well.

      7 months ago