- I​ made a concept for fun, give me advice

C​oncept car of mine

I​ just made a concept car of mine, no image yet, just specs. Give me advice of what happens

43w ago


​ TY-G3 R

o Twin charged (Supercharged (4L (Twin-screw), twin turbo) (25 P/B) 8.0L (8000 cc) V8. Electric motors on all wheels

o Tires: 250/34 ZR 22 (F)/ 313/25 ZR 22 (Michelin)


o Tire wall: 4.5 in.

o Mid engined

o Chassis- carbon fibre tub

o Weight: 2,750 lbs

o Suspension hardness

Ø Comfort: unknown

Ø Sport: unknown

Ø Race: unknown

o Suspension height

Ø Comfort: 4 in.

Ø Sport: 3.8 in.

Ø Race: 2.9 in.

o Gearbox: 8-spd DSG

Ø 8-SPD Automatic (DSG) (flappy paddles)

o Rev-limit 7000 rpm or 7500 or 8000

o Top speed?: 255 mph

o Downforce: 100 lbs. (Front: 25, Back: 75)

o No A.C

o No Satnav

o No Radio

o Wing span (Active) 5ft. or 4.5 ft.

o Wing height 7 in.

o Horsepower?: 1560 hp

o 0-60?: 2.0 sec.

o Quad exhaust

o Car length: 179.5”

o Car width: 75.8”

o 2 seater

o Cabin space:

Ø Headroom: 38.1 in.

Ø Legroom: 41.5 in.

o Cost: 720k – 900k or 1M – 1.2M

o Brakes: 6 piston Carbon Ceramic

o Torque: 1,342 lb/ft

o Torque displacement

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