Concours D'Elegance-Estoril Classics Week

Contrasting with my previous post, this part of Estoril's Classics Week is a lot more subdued. It's stage Contrasting with the previous post, this part of Estoril Classics Week is a lot more subdued. Just a few yards from Estoril Palace Hotel, in the Casino grounds, stands an impressive collection of classic Aston Martin's. The very same hotel that once was the stomping ground for European royalty and nobility trying to escape the ravages of WWII in neutral Portugal. Consequently, some guests with a more direct link to the war eventually arrived. One of them was Ian Fleming, a naval officer on a mission to shadow the Serbian double agent Duško Popov (believed to be one of the inspirations for Fleming's character). They spent the nights drinking at the later appropriately titled bar of spies, and once they've drunk enough, went across the street for a bit of gambling at the Casino. In 1968 Fleming's character had already jumped from the pages of Casino Royale to the silver screen, becoming a global phenomenon. It arrives at the Hotel driving an Aston Martin DBS after preventing is future wife's suicide attempt at the Guincho beach. James Bond had returned to a location where the inspiration for its creation may have arisen.
That's the reason why a collection of vintage Aston Martin's looks so right on these gardens.

Between the ropes, are parked some of the most beautiful machines ever built. A Ferrari 166mm, the very first Ferrari registered in Portugal, an exquisite Citroën Ds Decapotable Palm Beach, completly original and unrestored and finally the best in show a stunning blue Ferrari 500 Mondial.

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