Confession Session: EV Edition

Things that may set me apart slightly from the base-line enthusiast.

37w ago

I think my love for the electric car came about not too long ago really. I know the likes of Toyota and a few other smaller brands have thrown out the odd fully electric model a good while back, but if you ask me the idea didn't really materialise until admittedly, Tesla came into the mix. Can you believe that the Model S was around in 2012? I sure couldn't when I found out. At that same time, cars from some of the world's biggest success stories looked like this:

But my own experience with the EV as we know it happened much later, when a few occasions offered me the chance to witness the electric car in action. And immediately I felt the desire to address this whole 'silent' thing. They are not silent. They would roll on by with a little zipping sound and a gentle whizzing hum, and frankly I found it awesome to see and hear. Which is exactly the basis for this article, because many of us fear the death of the ICE engine and all the V8, V12 and other stuff that comes with it. And while I don't really feel that's the route we are taking as of yet, that's a whole other discussion altogether.

The point is, a crisis began when the world learned of the noise that the so called 'cars of the future' would give out, or lack of it really. That today, has been one of the electric car's biggest turn offs for the global car community. Whereas little old me over here is quietly enjoying it. Don't get me wrong I love a good beautiful singing engine as much as the next guy (unless the next guy owns a V12 Diablo because I've seen one fire up and boy did I go deaf right then), it's just that this electric hum is in my eyes, or my ears more appropriately, very cool. It's very soothing and gentle and perfect for a nice refined car and would make for a lovely peaceful journey to wherever it is you find yourself going. Ok hold on the tap keeps running for no reason brb.

Right I'm back where was I? Ah yes the electric rubbish. Yeah anyway not only the noise thing, I think with the electric car comes another huge problem for people, the loss of the gearstick, and gears in total. And despite having very, very limited experience in the driver's seat, I do have some. And while only learning, it becomes very easy for me to understand the love for that feeling of having an input and making that change to accelerate. I really do. For many that's the best part of their car. Now this I understand a bit more, and tbh I have very little to say, other than deal with it. It's all our fault we are here in the first place so unfortunately we must suppress the want and consider the need. And yes that's very easy for me to say but I'll be in the exact same boat as everyone else soon enough.

Now back to why I actually do like electric cars. I like many electric cars that have already been offered to us, and so that is very promising for myself and my own generation (unless they don't like them in which case they can sod off because you just can't win with some people). I like the Model S. I like the E (minus the screens). I like the 208. I like the ID3. And I love the Soul, a lot. It's awesome. Wait I'm not here to talk about the Soul, oh well maybe another time.

It always looks fed up with everyone and I like that. Can't say I blame it either.

It always looks fed up with everyone and I like that. Can't say I blame it either.

But so far I have named daily drivers, cars which will not light up people's phone screens and have them jumping with joy unless you are as easily excited as I am. However, you don't need to go head first into the river just yet, because it seems almost every aspect of the industry has OR is being accounted for. Granted that this wind of change brings with it many close to unsolvable complications, but so far the transition has been excellent, and will very slowly continue deep into the future. We have seen eye-wateringly-cool trucks, 250mph hypercars, and everything in between. So hopefully, just hopefully, we will survive, and possibly even be happy at the fact that I believe that we are far from the death of motor-enthusiasm. Notice there's still a lot to look forward to:

And now because I love annoying you all soooooo much, here's what is awful in the world and will probably depress us all, you're welcome:

I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble over some of those.....Oh well hope you enjoyed anyway, and come argue with me over the bad ones in the comments.

Go raibh maith agat as léamh.

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Comments (17)

  • Evs are really cool, there epicly quick, and Porche proved that they can be good to drive. But like pretty much everyone else I don't like the autonamy that goes with them.

      8 months ago
    • Yes! I have nothing else to say.

        8 months ago
    • I understand but autonomy and electric cars still remain two very different ball games. Remember they do not go hand in hand, and the two are yet to really even be fully linked, other than perhaps with Tesla.

        8 months ago
  • "And I love the Soul, a lot."

    That's just weird.

      8 months ago
  • I like EVs, but sometimes there owners are so cocky I do want go round to there house at night and unplug the car. 97% of them are perfect good human beings, but 3% are the most annoying twats in the world and should be ........................

    For reasons if I want to get a job and not be hold accountable for this post, the following message has been redracted

      8 months ago
    • Dont retract anything if thats how u feel u might be right after all!

        8 months ago
  • Literally only started coming around to EVs this week, after the new season of top gear. Definitely will be my automatic daily cars, but still need something abit more involving, and since I’m also young, I should get used to them

      8 months ago
  • I completely agree with you Aaron as much I like ICE, I think that EVs too are cool and get to much of undeserved hate,the only problem I have is with autonomy.

      8 months ago