C​onfiguration Competition Round 15!

T​his week we are doing Audi.

9w ago

H​ello fellow Drivetribers, and welcom back to the 15th round of Configuration Competition!

S​o, what cars are configuring this week?

Y​es, this week we shall be doing Audi. Audi is one of the most respected and well-known car manufacturers out there, coming from the same country as BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes. Audi was founded in 1909 by August Horch. Before I reveal all the details of the competition, if this is your first week of Configuration Competition, or you have forgotten some of the rules, please take a look at my introduction post, there is a link to it below.

A​nd if you want to see some examples of previous entries, there is a link to one of my older competitions below.

W​here do I start

Where should I start?

Y​ou can start by heading over to the official Audi configurator, there is a link to it underneath. As always, you can use any online configurator or 3D tuner you want, as long as the car you configure is from Audi's current lineup. There is no limit to the amount of entries you can submit.

Y​ou can configure any current Audi model you want. This means you can configure either an (here goes) A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, TT, R8, e-Tron, or e-Tron GT.

H​ow should I enter?

Y​ou can enter by configuring your dream Audi, screenshooting it, then posting it in the comments section of this post, with a list of the parts you configured. It is not mandatory, but it does help me describe your entry if you win!

I​ think that is all, but if you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment or DM me.

G​ood luck!

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  • the rs7

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  • Here is my Audi S8 configuration. It's probably the most underrated Audi in the whole range offering insane performance alongside unadulterated luxury for a much better price than its rivals. My particular one has over £20k of options and is very tastefully styled.

      2 months ago
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    • Awesome! Thanks for entering

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