C​onfiguration Competiton Round 16: You Decide!

O​h yeah. Welcome back to another Configuration Competition Special Edition.

H​ello fellow Drivetribers, I'm Tom H and I return once again to bring you a very special edition of Configuration Competition!

S​o what makes this round so special?

T​his week, it will not be me judging your entries. I am putting it down to YOU to decide who gets to win Round 16! This week there will also be two runners up. First, second, and third place will only go to the most liked entries, meaning if you award someone's entry, but that entry does not have the most likes, it will not win. You can like as many entries as you want. The core rules will still apply though, and if you want to read through them, they are all in my introduction post (something I will revise soon hopefully), which can be found below.

A​nd if you want to see examples of previous entries, there is a link to one of my older competitions beneath.

A​re there any specific brands or models we are meant to configure?

N​ope! It's all down to you. You can choose any model, from any brand you like! If you need inspiration, take a look at some of my older competitions; there have been 15 of them, so you are guaranteed to find something good! The competitions also have links to official car configurators in them, which are very handy.

H​ow should I enter?

Y​ou can enter by heading over to your car configurator of choice, configure your dream model, screenshot it, then post it the comments section of this post with a list of all the parts you have customised. It isn't mandatory, but it does help me to describe it if you win! As always, there is no limit to the amount of entries you can submit. You don't have to use an official, branded configurator either; you can use any 3D tuner or configurator you want, but please make sure that the cars you are doing are from current lineups, otherwise it would be unfair to those without access to the tuners.

R​emember; this is a you decide competition, so please have a look at everyone else's entries, and maybe you could help your favourite to win! Bumping your own entry is allowed (it's nt something I could police, anyway).

I​f you want me to answer any questions you have, or give you links to official configurators, please don't hesitate to DM me or comment your queries.

G​ood luck!

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