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C​ongratulations, McLaren!

M​cLaren have done a fantastic job in the 2019 Formula One season!

1y ago

A​s we head into the final race of 2019, Mclaren are trying to get their drivers to finish as high as possible in order to fight for the remaining drivers' championship positions having secured P4 in the constructors.

M​cLaren have shown excellent progress this year after some depressing seasons for the Woking-based manufacturer. As a British F1 fan, I am proud to see McLaren work their way back up the the table and secure the 'best of the rest' position in the constructors!

M​cLaren's success was also down to their brilliant new lineup of drivers. The end of 2018 saw the retirement of double world-champion Fernando Alonso, as well as the departure of Stoffel Vandoorne, who now races for Mercedes in Formula E. Carlos Sainz took the place of his Spanish hero, while Britain's Lando Norris took the Belgian's seat.

T​his year has been the best year in Carlos Sainz Jr's F1 career, with him being in joint 6th (technically 7th) with Pierre Gasly on 95 points. The Spaniard has often beaten someone in the top 3 teams, with four 6th places, three 5th places and a podium at the Brazililan GP, two weeks ago.

L​ando Norris has also had an impressive debut season, showing great potential as a future world champion. He finished 6th on two occasions, with the majority of his finishes being 8th or 9th. Not to mention the devastating retirement on the last-lap of the Belgium GP which stole a flawless P5 from him in the dying minutes. Norris is a great person to be on the Formula One grid as he has the skills of a world-class driver, but also the hilarious personality that we love to see.

O​verall, I am very pleased to see the rise of McLaren again. This year has been the best season for them since 2013, and we have finally seen a Mclaren finish in P3 - even if they didn't appear on the podium. 2021 will be a very interesting year for them as they switch back to the Mercedes engine - the engine manufacturer that won Lewis Hamilton his first world championship with them 11 years ago.

C​ongratulations, McLaren! I look forward to see the progress next year and hope to see you closer to Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes - we could really do with another team in the fight for the constructors championship! What did you think of McLaren's performance this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Carlos Sainz - McLaren Mercedes - 2021 Formula 1 World Champion.

      1 year ago
  • If you’re McLaren ... dead set on a return to championship winning form, you must first arm yourself with equal equipment. Then let your drivers and development team bring it home. Can Renault rise to the level of Mercedes? Perhaps ... but in F1, perhaps is not a luxury afforded to serious players.

      1 year ago