Conrad's WRC Rep Mk1

If Ford had built a mk1 race car for the tarmac this would pretty much be it

4y ago

I have to say, first and foremost, the Scots are well up for their big trips to get the job done! If RS tuning was a Monopoly board, well let’s just say Sabre are at the end of the board such is the distance!

Conrad came to us back in 2014 for some tuning upgrades pushing out 370bhp on a hybrid set-up. This car only comes out for play time on track, and it gets pushed very hard!! No doubt some of you will have seen it at various RS events across the Isles! as Conrad travels far and wide to make the most of his epic track weapon.

The latest upgrades feature the Sabre 450R turbo and our 3D boost control system. The engine is still standard, but we continue to push the boundaries and develop the Mk1 to new heights.

The results are fantastic, and our 3D boost control giving unrivalled drivability with the right foot and on the flick of a switch three very different boost profiles.
The Sabre “ramping” map is a firm track favourite, max power with traction that belies the FWD setup. Look forward to seeing Conrad flying this year, you can’t fail to miss his RS!!

The car runs 368bhp low boost, 418BHP mid boost and a whopping 434BHP on high boost. Conrad has since sold his pride and joy WRC rep and invested in an ex BTCC mk2 Focus so watch this space for the low down on his new car sometime in the new year.

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  • I love this car

      4 years ago