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The S class is an attention grabbing vehicle

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The Mercedes Benz S Class long wheel base is designed with extreme comfort in mind. The vehicle is also designed with safety in mind as well. In this article, we will write about the comfort features and safety features of this magnificent model. The S-Class long wheel base.

Pre Safe Impulse - This safety feature will push you deeper into the seat before a frontal impact is felt. The safety belts do all the work and will ensure your safety as priority. When the impact is felt, the retracted distance is released at a set pace. This is designed to protect the passenger at all costs.

Heads up display

This feature shows you all details whilst giving you the opportunity to keep your hands on the wheel without a dangerous aspect. Navigation, speed and cruise control are displayed in front of you 2m ahead of the driver.

Assist parking application

This is remotely controlled from your mobile. Designed for tight spaces, this app allows you to move your car forwards and backwards. A unique feature on any vehicle and actually, convenient.

Braking assist

This system will assess the situation and break accordingly. Thus the system will ensure your safety.

The look

What a beautiful looking sedan. The most gracious looking sedan you'll ever see. Its luxurious leather interior to the optional extras you can add make this large sedan, a wonderful car for long journeys and

Mode select

You have comfort, sport, curve, individual and eco mode and each has its individual trait.

The sport mode delivers a greater agility drive. The turns the car into a softer driver with the ability to have quick take offs. The vehicle feels very different despite its large size.

Individual mode allows you to select your own mode of comfort or suspension setup. The eco mode powers the car down and slows acceleration.

Traffic sign assist recognises speed limits, entry and no entry signs and signals are indicated whenever the driver is doing the incorrect movement. A "Wrong Way" signal will appear on your dashboard to indicate to the driver that they maybe driving down a one way street.

The LED headlights shine further and use less energy than normal lights thus allowing you to know that whatever is ahead of you, is noticeable before you hit the object.

Overall this vehicle meets every safety requirement and luxury requirement as well. You can options to the vehicle but as it is, this vehicle is worth every Rand you pay.

A truly unique German powerhouse.

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