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Continental has developed a hybrid system that allows 100% EV driving.

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It is of conmon knowledge that a hybrid car works partially like an electric car in starts up to 50 kilometers per hour, however Continental the German automaker will present at the next Frankfurt Motor Show, a new low-voltage system for hybrid vehicles, which the company says is a cheaper, more efficient and more compact solution than the current hybrid high-voltage systems, this system however presents many differences in comparison to current ones.

Usually 48-volt electrical systems have been associated with microhybrid or mild-hybrid cars, which aren`t able to drive in exclusively 100% electric mode, but this idea made by Continental would allow using the 48-volt technology in conventional hybrid cars.

to cut it short we are speaking of full hybrid cars that instead of using a high voltage electrical system to circulate 100% electric they would instead use a much lower voltage output, the advantages of this is that the system is cheaper to manufacture and also allows to equip electric motors up to 30 kW of power (41 HP).

This new innovative system combines the power of an electric motor with a battery whose capacity is not yet specified and it is suitable to be asociated with both gas or diesel engines, in any case this means a reduction of 20% of emissions in comparison to afull Internal combustion car.

The system.


Talking about this new electric motor I have to highlight that it is water cooled and it keeps the current diameter and also doubles the maximum power of the electrical current reaching up to 30Kw (41hp) in addition I would like to mention that this electric motor is no longer placed on the crankshaft as in a conventional hybrid car on the front but rather the electric motor switches positions to the rear between the combustion engine and the transmission, This only has the disadvantage of requiring a little more space for installation than previos systems with a minimum weight difference in comparison

The integrated electronics also use a new technology that allows it to handle significantly higher currents resulting in a level of electrical efficiency that exceeds the previous systems by almost 10%. Losses in the electric propulsion system have been reduced by half during recoveries

With this new type of architecture, fuel savings are increased in comparison to full combustion cars and in zones limited to 30kph as residential areas or narrow streets the vehicle can be driven using only the electric motor, the high power achieves the same results as non-plug-in hybrids and in theory electric propulsion can be possible up to 90kph unlike the average 50kph of the current hybrids resulting in less C02 emissions.