- Sergio Perez will be leaving the Silverstone based outfit at the end of 2020 season, with unlikely replacement being NicoHulkenberg or Sebastian Vettel

Controversial, but Sergio Perez did the right thing

Sergio Perez is now like Sebastian Vettel, as he's released from his duties.

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As someone who's watched 'Checo' Perez's career from Sauber to McLaren to Force India and now Racing Point, I was disappointed with the fact Checo's been dropped for 2021, and will be likely be replaced by outgoing Ferrari driver Vettel or the wall of performance Nico Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg came back for the 70th Anniversary strong after disaster struck him at the British Grand Prix. On the face of it, looks like Hulkenberg managed to beat the kid Stroll in the pink Mercedes (Tracing Point).

While it would be unfair on my part to compare Stroll and Perez on the same level this year, as Perez was out, partly because of a positive Covid-19 test, but the performance in the last three races hasn't been roses for him either. Lance has sent it to the podium this year and Perez manages to finish below the top 5. The last three races, he was constantly outgunned by Papa Stroll's boy and it's the prim and proper example of how Perez failed to stage a comeback which could have saved his seat. In the last 7 years, he's managed to get 4 podiums for this midfield outfit but the result could've been in his favor had he gone for it this season.

While I am still not sure why Checo's driving performance is bad, but his 2014 to 2018 campaign seemed to have fetched him decent amount of results. He's one those drivers who've build the team around him and has propelled it to success. Had it not been him or Nico Hulkenberg, the Force India/Racing Point outfit would've collapsed like most outfits in the early 2010s.

While Racing Point will be Aston Martin next year, with the constructor wanting to focus themselves into becoming champions soon and beating the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and Redbull, they will have to do with Stroll and anyone who comes in to replace Perez.

Perez did the right thing by moving out of Racing Point and ending his clause with them. The team is no longer Force India, and it definitely isn't the team he's been with. The Lawrence Stroll led consortium has brought in a lot of money to buy Force India and the main motivation behind it was obviously kiddo Stroll, with the lack of performance from Williams (in it's previous family ownership). Perez will never be heard for his voice or developmental strategies or even race strategies, as the close link with Mercedes in a technical partnership has given the Silverstone based outfit the boost it requires in terms of performance. From here what happens of Checo is still unknown, as the Alfa Romeo seat will be probably filled by someone else, unless Gene Haas decides he want's let go of one of his under-performing drivers for a swap with Perez.

The Haas move might be a good one Perez as it's good press as well as, Perez can be considered a short term investment for improving the team's direction. It can also account for it's fallacy in the engine department and could learn a lot about resource management from a driver like Sergio Perez. Perez might have a bright future with US outfit as Guenther Steiner will be aligned to the ideas of improvement from a very strong driver like Perez.

If, Alpha Tauri decides to drop Daniil Kvyat (who's never recovered from his demotion btw), then rather than putting a rookie like Tsunoda, it can use Sergio's technical knowledge to improve the team's competitiveness. But, whichever team takes in Perez, the likely know the consequences of him being a more of a short term investment rather than long term.

I wish Sergio Perez the best and thank him for the memorable racing he's given us since 2011.

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