- O​ut with the old and in with the new? We don't know.

"​It's got to drive like one, it's got to feel like one and it has to have the soul of one"


S​tated by Ford earlier this week, the Ford Mustang Mach E is something that caught us off guard. It has the feel of a Mustang, but not in the traditional fashion. The Mustang is supposed to have a throaty roar and a buff V8, yet Ford's approach is to have a car that is both muscley, yet appealing to a wide range of audience. Though it came out of the blue, there is a good side to it. Compared to other SUVs, it is actually good looking (shocker!). It is well designed, and it has front grille very similar to the Mustang, one of the biggest similarities to it.

S​omething different. Something Unique.

S​omething different. Something Unique.

W​e have seen the renderings of the mid engine Mustang, but most of us never thought that Ford would get this far off from the classic design.

Pros and Cons: S​leek and eligent, yet boxy and uncoordinated

P​rops to Ford. With the SUV and CUV market growing, Ford could have this in the bag, unlike Tesla with their egg shaped Model Y. The attention to detail is amazing on the Mach E. With a sleek wide body and aerodynamic side skirts, it has a lot of potential.


-​Well styled

-Intruiging and appealing

-​Muscle feeling


-​A sporty car, not a sports car like a standard Mustang

-​Dull and ugly interior

-​ (I know I'm gonna get a lot of crap in the comments) a monstrosity and disgrace to Ford's title. Shame.

N​ot for everyone

T​he Mach E Mustang is something that is a debatable topic. Most fans of Ford expected that the renders would never happen, any time soon, that is. Though I technically shouldn't give my opinion, I knew this day would come, and I dreaded it. To make the Mustang legacy into an *shudder* SUV raised questions. Would this be the 'new era' for Ford, making Mustangs into SUVs? Will they continue to make these in the following years? No one knows, but at the same time its great suspense.

T​his has potential... but it's an suv, not a mustang

I​t's not a traditional Mustang, and with Ford comes tradition.

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