- UFO-like vehicle on a highway / Photo Sourced from Anna Everywhere

Conversation Thread: What's The Weirdest Thing You've Seen While Driving?

6w ago


Paying attention while driving is easily the most important thing you can do, and taking your eyes off the road can be very dangerous. That being said, our eyes can wander from looking at the car in front of us, and sometimes, it can be oh so rewarding. I've seen people in traffic reading books, picnicking on the side of the road, and myriad other ridiculous things, but today's find takes the cake.

I'm driving north on I-95 to help my brother move out of his apartment in New York City, when all of a sudden I'm stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. As we crest one of the many dips in the road, I see a brand new, red Cadillac XT4 with its hazard lights on, and a guy sitting on a guard rail. Naturally my mind springs to the thought of him hitting a pothole and damaging one of the alloy wheels, and he's calling AAA or something to come and save him.

Two men on a motorbike with an umbrella in the rain / Photo Sourced from Phuket 101

No, he was taking care of his business. Upon re-investigation, and him standing up with his pants around his ankles and his tighty-whities around his kneecaps, I burst into laughter, and so did the family in the Mercedes behind me. It was truly a spectacle to behold. Obviously the man was under some serious stress and I can only imagine the circumstances for him were probably not quite what he envisioned when he woke up this morning, but if you can't laugh at a man who had to drop trough on the side of the road, then something is seriously wrong with your sense of humor.

Unfortunately, or fortunately to keep this post PG, I didn't take a picture to incorporate into this post, but I think the situation is straightforward enough for you to paint a picture in your head. As the cover image clearly shows, there's some pretty interesting things that exist on the millions of miles of roadways on the planet, and I want to know your favorite thing you've seen while driving.

Make sure you comment your favorite thing you've ever seen while driving, or your favorite meme of something ridiculous occurring while driving!