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Cool Videos made by car companies to spread awareness on Covid-19

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The world - "O​ooh the Coronavirus is a pandemic! What should we do! How can I contribute?"

Car manufacturers - "Observe! We spread awareness in the coolest way possible."

H​ere I have compiled a list of some of the best awareness videos by car manufacturers. I have given a link for most videos but failed to find the link for a few. Do not worry though as I have uploaded them to the article itself. So, sit back, stretch your legs, relax and enjoy quarantine!

S​tarting off with the German Giants (no specific order related to numbering)

1​) BMW -



B​MW - Instagram

Before you ask, y​es BMW has changed its legendary logo. It's part-transparent now instead of being a solid black ring. This video is calming, the background audio, everything is so well composed and balanced like many of their cars too. The best part according to me was - "Today we drive forward without driving at all".

2​) Mercedes-



Mercedes - Instagram

T​his one has to be the classiest of the bunch. Well, Mercedes is a brand of class and their video depicts no different. The wordings appear "Another Mercedes that stands for safety" and then a smooth underline on 'stands', this really clears out the message easily. A neighbourhood dog bark and subtle static as the background just fits in the situation. In the end all the thank you messages come. It is safe to say that *No brain-cells were harmed in the understanding of this video.

3​) Audi-



A​ short crisp video. Delivered fantastically. A clear message to socially distance while staying together. Great use of the 4-ringed logo to be honest. An underdog in the video too just like in real life, (Audi) does everything basic and cleanly while people prefer more shouty stuff.

4​) Volkswagen-


J​ust like the Audis, simple and basic. A pretty long and wordy video though. The upbeat background music sets the beat just right. No non-sense video.

N​ow onto the Italian guy in the bunch

5​) Fiat (FCA)-


N​ot English but I get the emotion and speech (thanks to subtitles). Knowing what Italy is going through right now makes me super sad and their representation on the matter is just amazing, considering it is under a minute! A feeling of pride and hope has been lit up by this video. The hashtag at the end is great "#NOICISIAMO" which means "All of us. Together". This video gives me the goosebumps.

H​ow can we forget the Brits

6​) Jaguar-



I​t's a Jaaaaggg! A short and simple one. Nothing else to say on it lol.

T​hat was my list on some of the best videos by car manufacturers to spread awareness. Which one did you like the most? And did I forget to add a video by some company that you think was equally good? Let me know in the comments below.

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