Cop pulls over a Tesla Model 3 due to a 'computer mounted on the centre console'

20w ago


There is a lot that can be said about the gargantuan 15-inch touch-screen display on the Tesla Model 3 some love it, some think it's a little too much and others completely hate it. Surprisingly nobody seemed to debate the legality of the infotainment system which is the size of an average laptop.

Jon Hall was enjoying a Saturday drive when a police motorcycle pulled him over, as he mistook the huge screen for a computer mounted on the dash. The whole scene was captured on an inward-facing dash cam. Fortunately, both the officer and Jon acted calmly and the whole situation was resolved peacefully and with a bit of humour.

How big is too big ?

You really can't fault the officer for mistaking the large screen for a computer when looking from outside. It also poses an interesting question, should there be some sort of regulation regarding size/position of the infotainment screens?

Tesla Model 3

I'm sure everyone who drives and uses sat-nav be it phone, or actual sat-nav (anyone still uses those ?) or the built-in system, probably had moment when they stared at the screen for a bit too long and missed something important on the road.

Now imagine you having a screen that's literally the size of a macbook screen in front of your eyes, and needing to use it for everything from air conditioning through music to navigation. Personally I would like some more basic functions such as aircon to remain a basic knob I can operate without the need to take my eyes of the road.

But that's just me, I would be really curious to find out if there is some sort of correlation between the size/position and driver focus.

Whats your take ? Is the screen too big or just right ? Let us know below !