Cop threatens to give biker a ticket for honking horn

1y ago


Is it just me who's had enough of these self righteous camera wearing motorcyclists policing the roads?

In the clip below the biker beeps his horn impatiently at the car in front before realising it's an undercover cop at the wheel.

Like it or not, they're allowed to use radios and phones whilst driving, as well as being allowed to drive above the speed limits. I think the biker got off lightly here - let us know what you think

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  • biker is out of control. ticket the asshole

    1 year ago
  • Nope, cop is totally wrong. I thinks the lady doth protest too much. Work call my ass. Yes they are allowed to use there phone. No horns are not road rage. Even if it is police business doesn't give them the right to just stop in traffic. He needs to pull to the side.

    1 year ago


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