Cop threatens to give biker a ticket for honking horn

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3y ago

Is it just me who's had enough of these self righteous camera wearing motorcyclists policing the roads?

In the clip below the biker beeps his horn impatiently at the car in front before realising it's an undercover cop at the wheel.

Like it or not, they're allowed to use radios and phones whilst driving, as well as being allowed to drive above the speed limits. I think the biker got off lightly here - let us know what you think

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Comments (14)

  • This cop is an ass. There is no way this guy is in the wrong. People give a small beep all the time to people who don't advance when they should because they are on the phone. This is a flagrant violation of power. And if the cop was on the phone for 'police business' he can easily pull over and put on his lights, or hazards, to signal that. Cop's in the US constantly overstep their power. If it's law, your breaking it as well. There is NO excuse for anyone to be on their phone while driving. Oh and there is no way he was on his phone for police business. If it was so urgent why did he stay and yell at the driver of the bike for so long. If it were me I'd say give me the ticket and I'll see you in court.

      3 years ago
  • If the Officer is obstructing traffic without cause and without proper visibility and warning (ie. lights or sirens), then yes an alert beep should be allowed. We all get distracted, sometimes we need a beep

      3 years ago
    • There's a yield sign and traffic coming from the left has right of way - cop did nothing wrong, idiot on bike did.

        3 years ago
  • I don't understand some of the comments, maybe something to do with being in the US? If this was in the UK, the biker is offending. The UK highway code is explicit on the use of the horn in a way that makes it an offence to use it unless you want to warn others of your presence in a dangerous situation, e.g. you are about to be hit by a driver who hasn't seen you. The wording in the HC is something like "use your horn to warn others of your presence and you MUST NOT use your horn when stationary and between 11:30pm and 7am".

      3 years ago
  • Fv%& OFF PIG.

      3 years ago
  • There's a guy called Larry David who got a ticket for honking at a cop. He fought in court and lost.

      3 years ago