Cops caught drag racing red handed by… Their own body cam

The incident has led to an internal investigation and an officer losing their job.

5w ago

Yesterday, footage was released of an incident involving Washington DC police officers drag racing, and crashing, their cruisers. The footage shows two police vehicles drag racing resulting in both cars being wrecked.

On Thursday, April 22, at just gone 5pm, two pairs of police officers decided to make the most of their powerful cars and the clear road by having a drag race. Flying down a residential street, the video shows the speeding cruiser colliding with an oncoming colleague.

Despite the body cam footage showing a lot of what happened leading up to the crash, it’s still unclear as to how it happened. Police officers are trained to drive at high speeds in a safe manor, yet the driver behind the wheel of the car in question still managed to hit an oncoming police car. It’s possible that, with a car racing alongside, the driver had nowhere to go. However, one could also assume the driver was under the influence and didn’t have the necessary reaction times.

Thankfully, this case of immense stupidity on behalf of these reckless cops only resulted in minor injuries and no-one was badly hurt. That being said, one probationary officer has been fired and the others are facing an internal investigation.

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  • Hypocrites. You can’t enforce something if you don’t lead by example.

      1 month ago
  • Mission passed +respect

      1 month ago
  • "Police officers are trained to drive at high speeds in a safe manor". I doubt that driving at high speed in a house is safe, even if it is a large one in the countryside.

      1 month ago
  • Sound like some cool cops!

      1 month ago
  • Those are some cool cops

      1 month ago