Corey Ash Name that car_ tribe focus of the week (april 24 - 30)

This weeks focus came from Corey's Jan 6 2017 post at Small Tribe Alliance_

What is this tribe focus thing?


If you are NEW TO DRIVETRIBE go post a car picture to James Harvey_ / Spotted This Today, You?_

Active tribes come and go. The place to be this week is at the link above. Go look at the tribes that are posting there and post something with them as well if it seems to fit their theme. This is the perfect group to get started with. They comment they help and they will come look at your tribe. It's the busy place of the week.

If you are looking for support for YOUR NEW TRIBE go post something or anything with John Coleman_ / Small Tribe Alliance_ I will pick up a conversation and help you out there.

If you are an ESTABLISHED TRIBE and you are looking to get involved with other tribes and collaborate in a way you have not seen yet. Go check out I AM HERE!_

Please read the instructions at the top. Each person will only have 1 original post and other tribes will comment and way in. The post is to be a studio article so you can change the content over time not repost stuff. I think it is set up in a way that will be successful and there is a bunch of stuff going on as we speak and I am very excited about how this evolves.
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