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Corgi Toys Rockets. Mercedes 280 SL and Alfa Romeo P33.
I don't know much about these, it's almost like they were trying to copy Hotwheels Spectraflames. But I got them for 50p each so a real bargain!

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  • Where did you find these, whenever I see diecasts they are always much more expensive yet on drivetribe I always see them for about 2p!

      11 days ago
  • I did a little quick research on these. They first appeared in 1969 to compete against Hot Wheels. The axles and nylon chassis could be removed using a special key tool and β€œtuned up” and lubricated to keep the cars going fast down the track. Apparently they later lost a court case that Mattel filed over copyright issues with Corgi’s track system. No track = no need for fast cars so they were discontinued making them highly collectible today. Nice score!!!

      11 days ago
  • 50 what?

      11 days ago
  • Hmmmmmm. I dont know too much about them but if memory serves correct, I think these are kinda valuable.

      11 days ago