Corvette Concept Battles

The next battle series that we will be doing will be Corvette concept cars

3w ago

The Corvette concept battles will 16 participants that will all be listed below. There will be 2 battles a day that will all be in the polls. Now not all of the cars will be named a Corvette but all of them are based on the Corvette. Bellow will be a list of the participants.

1954 Corvette Corvair


Corvette Stingray XP-87

Corvette CERV II

1972 XP-895

Corvette SS

1973 4-Rotor

1954 Corvette Nomad

1973 XP-897GT

1967 Astro I

Corvette Aerovette Wankel

1968 XP-880 Astro II

Corvette Indy

Corvette Stingray Concept

Corvette Mako Shark I

Corvette Mako Shark II

Tournament Bracket

Tournament Bracket

Place the cars you think are going to win or which cars are your favorite in the comments and I hope you enjoy the Corvette concept battles!

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Comments (10)

  • Stingray because of Sideswipe

      25 days ago
  • The battle between the Mako Sharks will be the hardest one in the first round.

      25 days ago
    • Yea It is crazy because I did not plan that because whenever I set up the bracket I use so the bracket is not Bias in any way.

        25 days ago
    • Wow, that's a coincidence then. Thanks for the link, I might use it in the closing rounds for my American car battle series when I run out of compareable cars.

        25 days ago
  • the XP-895 of 1972 looks nice

      23 days ago
  • Corvair!

      25 days ago
  • All are gorgeous, I like the Cerv III most.

      25 days ago