Corvette Driver Tries To Beat A Hellcat Only To Find That "It Runs Alright"

1y ago


Nothing beats a good ol' American head to head race between two great American sports cars. On the one corner we have a C6 Corvette and on the other a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Based on paper this is a completely slanted fight, but on the street... Who are we kidding, the Hellcat destroyed the Corvette.

Despite the mismatch, the best part of the video is the pure joy of the Corvette driver and the generous modesty of the Hellcat driver. After catching up with the 707 horsepower beast, the Hellcat driver, in his old and crusty delivery mentioned that "it runs alright," and proceeded to powerslide himself out of a turn.

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Comments (9)
  • So the guy in the Corvette tries to take on the Hellcat in the one thing it does really well- go fast in a straight line. The outcome would not be the same on a road course.

    1 year ago
  • Hansen I've promoted this out to the main page. It's a perfect example of what the hellcat is capable of on the street! Cheers!

    1 year ago
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