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Corvette SUV?

Yeah, it could very well happen.

35w ago

People want sporty cars. Unfortunately, people also want practical cars. And, well, you see, the two don't really go well together. Luckily, the Sport Utility Vehicle exists, a car that is both sporty AND practical. They caught on, and now nearly every automotive company has one available for people to buy. In recent years, we've seen the release of the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Aston Martin DBX, Lamborghini Urus, Ford Mustang Mach-E... the list goes on.

So, why would GM make a Corvette SUV? Well, mostly for people who want a Corvette, but don't think they'd be able to fit a 60" TV in the tiny frunk. The Corvette is a popular car, and in this SUV-oriented world, Chevy would have no problem moving them off dealership lots.

Remember, Chevy has already made a Camaro-styled SUV, called the Blazer, and it seems to be selling well, despite dishonouring the Blazer nameplate. If you don't like it, take your money elsewhere.


They'd want to keep as many Corvette styling cues as possible, so it's easily identifiable. That means, keep the same headlights from the C8, and make sure the iconic double taillights stay as well. Since the C7 and C8 Corvettes are very angular, the SUV had better have sharp lines too.


Start with a front-engined AWD vehicle, and keep the Corvette's V8. A few years in, introduce an electric variant. I know, you'd hate that, and so would I, but I'm just trying to predict what would bring the most sales.

Aim for around 400hp for the base V8, and bump that up to 550 with the electric drivetrain.

Since the C8 has no manual, it would be silly for GM to offer one with this SUV.

Naming and Variants:

Although it will upset a lot of Corvette purists, the Corvette nameplate must stay. Keep the "C" naming, but put in a letter rather than a number. I'd suggest naming it the "Chevrolet Corvette CX", "X" for cross-over.

Obviously, there will be some high-performance variants to keep it competitive with more exotic SUVs. Offer a Z06 with 700hp, and a more track-focused ZR1 producing more downforce and a 750hp V8.

So here's a run-down of the different models available:

Corvette CX - Base model, 400hp, AWD, 40/60 FR power split

Corvette CXe - Electric version, 550hp, AWD, 50/50 FR power split

Corvette CX Z06 - Sports version, 700hp, AWD, 20/80 FR power split

Corvette CX ZR1 - Track version, 750hp, AWD, 15/85 FR power split


Since the number one rule at GM is, "nothing can be better than the Corvette", we must stick to that, even though this is still technically a Corvette.

0-60 should be around 4.5 seconds for the CX, 3.5 seconds for the CXe, 3.5 seconds for the CX Z06, and 3 seconds flat for the ZR1.

The top speed for the CX and CXe should be limited to 170mph, while the Z06 and ZR1 should be able to top 200mph. Although this may seem like we're breaking the rule, by the time the CX is released, there should be a C8 Z06 that could easily top that.

Expect roadholding to be much lower than the C8, expect around 0.90g for the CX and CXe, bump that up to 1.00 for the Z06, and 1.05 with the ZR1.

Render by Joe Boater

Render by Joe Boater


Although I wrote this article and made the render, I am NOT in support of a Corvette SUV, especially not an electric one. I wrote this to try to predict where GM will be going in the future. This is just what would boost Chevy's sales, not what Corvette fans would want.

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  • That would be a nightmare

      8 months ago
  • Luckily I heard that the man leading the corvette team have ruled out an SUV for as long as he is in charge

      8 months ago
  • That's just an Urus with the C8's face

      8 months ago
  • I wanna hear your opinion on this

      8 months ago
    • I'm pretty sure for the render, they just put the front end of the corvette on the urus.

        8 months ago
    • Yeah that's what I did. I changed nothing with the Urus

        8 months ago
  • You see the rs6 is a daily AND high performance

      8 months ago