- N​o, I won't turn off my rear fog lights.

Costco/Sam's/BJ's Diecast Season is Here

G​o visit your local Costco/Sam's/BJ's for the newest Maisto and Bburago 1/18s.

5w ago

I​ decided to mosey on down to my local Sam's since I saw they were beginning to receive models this week. Lo and behold, I ended up buying 16 cars while I was there.

A​bove, you'll find the cars left over after I finished ravaging what they had put out earlier. There were plenty of neat models I didn't want, but I did end up leaving with some gems.

A​s far as models to sell for a quick profit, I ended up buying all the Broncos in both Badlands and Wildtrak guises. The former dons a Cyber Orange Metallic finish sans doors and roof. The latter sports a gorgeous Antimatter Blue Metallic finish with both roof and doors attached. What a time to be alive. I also bought all four Competition Orange Sam's Club Exclusive Terminator SVT Cobras.

I​ will, however, be keeping one of each Bronco.

These are the six I'll be keeping. I did get the Race Red GT500 with the Carbon Fiber Track Package, but I ended up giving that one and one of each Bronco to my father when I dropped them off on my way home from the store.

T​here are plenty more cars to come in the coming weeks and months. I can't wait to see what Costco and BJ's get.

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Comments (19)

  • Superb, especially for $15. Just went there a week ago and they weren’t there, but i’ll be sure to check next time

      1 month ago
  • Quick Question: Do I need a membership card to go inside? Also, Costco has it in mid September.

      1 month ago
    • Yes you do. My Costco usually gets them in late July to early August as per my pictures of the past three years' hauls.

        1 month ago
  • Affordable!

    Lesss gooo

      1 month ago
  • BJs like the restaurant???

      1 month ago
    • BJ’s Wholesale.

      Unless I can now order a 1/18 with a side of fries and a spinach and artichoke dip appetizer from the restaurant.

        1 month ago
  • What section of the store do you usually find them in?

      1 month ago
    • I’m not even sure, but it was near the summer stuff and vaguely near the books.

        1 month ago