Cotswold sunday scramble

A BMW Z4m, an Audi A3, a VW Scirocco, two growling Mini Coopers, a Pontiac Bonneville and a supercharged Bullitt Mustang pull in to a pub car park…

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A BMW Z4m, an Audi A3, a VW Scirocco, two growling Mini Coopers, a Pontiac Bonneville and a supercharged Bullitt Mustang pull in to a pub car park... No this isn't the start of some elaborate joke, this is the start of the La Chasse Events Sunday Scurry.

La Chasse Events are a company striving to break the mould of the traditional road rally format and breathe new life into fuel frenzied excursions around the UK & Europe. We were lucky enough to be invited to a pre-launch day where it gave the La Chasse Events team a chance to test their concept and for us to get a sneak at what's to come.

Tea and coffee is distributed as everyone sizes each other up during the event brief where team instructions are handed out and everyone gets logged in to their social media accounts for the day, that's right, this day is heavily 'tech dependant which is why teams have to consistent of 2 or more for safety reasons to ensure people aren't on their phones or laptops whilst driving! The safety message is a strong one during the brief and rightly so with some tight twisty roads ahead of us today. We were in the Cotswolds after all!


The basic premise is that there will be clues and riddles being dropped on social media to guide you to a location where a task needs to be carried out in order to earn points, for this event the whole day was revolving around pubs and getting photographs of your team outside to prove you made it there. A 'hare' car will be out in front driven by the event hosts dropping additional clues on route, catching a photo of the hare throughout the day gets extra bonus points. 9 pubs was the target and as we all sat in our cars waiting for the first clue to drop, there was a very tense state of excitement in the air...

The first map dropped down the social media channels with a rough direction to head for, maps at the ready cars started to roll out from the car park and head off in search, shortly after the first map came a blurry photo of a pub with a riddle to help identify it. Riddle solved and sat nav updated we set off behind a few other cars that were a bit sharper than us with riddle solving. Quite a few cars arrived at similar times to the first destination with everyone sprawling over bonnets and roping in members of the public to take photos of them. Already the day was quite amusing and set the tone nicely for what was to follow.

After the first destination was complete, more clues had dropped to the next location/task, cars head off in various directions as there are multiple routes to the same location depending on which brand of sat nav was being used, or if people were even heading to the right places!

#FastButLast due to a lack of confidence and a 550+bhp Mustang

Ralph Bates

At this point, our team #FastButLast as we had been dubbed, due to a lack of confidence in winning the event and a 550+bhp Mustang, managed to lose quite a few of the other cars for better or worse, we weren't sure. Navigating to a few more of the locations and not seeing anyone for a while, we assumed we were well off the pace...  Until location 5 where we bumped in to one of the Mini Coopers and the hare car!!! Result, a few points in the bag and as it turned out we weren't doing too badly. However, this is a points based event and not based on speed (unless you want to collect the dropped balloons for extra points).

After stopping several cyclists to take pictures, crossing fords, running through fields and even handing our phones to an unknown man in his Volvo to take snaps off us outside the last pub (trusting he wouldn't just drive off) we head to the final meeting point absolutely buzzing!

Arriving at the final destination we scratch our heads thinking we had taken a bum steer as there was no one there... Happy with our efforts we head in for a pint and call the organisers to make sure we weren't so far behind that everyone had left, as it turns out we arrived 1st!!!! (Not that it made us winners, this is all about points... Sort of)

We sit back getting ready to gloat either way, Mustang parked up and pints in hands as our competitors rolled in. 5 minutes later a few more teams turn up showing we weren't too far in front and about half an hour later everyone had arrived with big smiles on their faces. At this point, it's really the event that's a winner proving everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Gathering round the bar we all catch up and talk about who got the most lost, who had the most amusing selfie stories and finally who the overall winners were... Points for various photo opportunities, best selfie, most balloons captured and so on were taken in to consideration.

The bragging rights for this event went to team #BlackMini for collecting the most points throughout the day with #FastButLast coming in a firm 2nd place. We can't complain about that one bit and this concept was right up our street! We will be back for sure and the official launch of La Chasse Events will take place early 2017.

A big thanks to the organisers for having us along and a HUGE thank you to Adam for piloting his Bullitt Mustang for the day.

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