- Could there finally be an M3 Touring? - Image from Autocar

Could BMW Make An M3 Touring?

46w ago


By Phil Bradley

Following the launch of the new 3 series, BMW are inevitably going to release a touring variant. The Touring is expected to be officially released at the Geneva Motor Show early next year, but a report from Autocar, also suggests that the German manufacturer are looking into the possibility of an M3 Touring, to compete with the likes of the Audi RS4 and Mercedes C 63 Estate.

Codenamed G21, the upcoming 3 series touring model is expected to mimic the roof profile of the 5 series touring model, and feature pop-up tailgate glass to stow smaller bags without opening the entire boot, similar to the outgoing touring model. Insiders at BMW have reportedly stated that development costs into an M3 estate car would be minimal, allowing BMW to launch the model into European markets.

3 Series Touring spotted lapping the Nurburgring - Image from Autocar

With the new 3 Series Saloon offering nearly as much as the outgoing Touring in load capacity, we can expect the upcoming Touring model to offer even more for luggage space. Stay tuned early next year for an M3 Touring announcement!

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