Could Bugatti’s latest project look like this?

1w ago


Monterey Car Week is approaching at a rapid pace with the inaugural event of the week-long celebrations, the Monterey Kick-Off Cruise-In, taking place on Friday August 9th.

By far the most iconic event of the week, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is already set to feature incredible cars with a few world premieres.

Alongside the multi-million-dollar classics and exclusive hypercars will be a brand-new Bugatti hidden under covers until the time comes to unveil it. In fact, Bugatti has said that it is making yet another low volume hypercar similar to the La Voiture Noire – albeit at a fraction of the $18 million price tag. Reports suggest that the Molsheim-based company will be selling 10 examples of the new car for a modest $9 million.

After an interview with the creator of the EB110SS who said he would like to see a modern rendition of the ultimate supercar of the 1990s, the motoring world has been suggesting that the upcoming car will be just that. These claims were further enhanced when the German motoring publication, Auto Motor Und Sport, got its hands on a sketch allegedly from Bugatti’s chief designer, Achim Anscheidt.

The sketch shows a car that looks similar to the Chiron with its long, thin headlights and beefy shape. However, the resemblances end there as the main grille seems to be a lot smaller and it is accompanied by vents on either side of the front end covered by three vertical slats.

These are iconic styling cues from the classic EB110, albeit redesigned to fit the aggressive supercar market of today. The design also shows a large fixed wing. If the new car does indeed have an elevated wing, it will be the first Bugatti since the EB110SS to have one. In fact, since the Veyron, all Bugattis have featured wings that fold themselves into the body allowing for a greater top speed.

Based on the leaked sketch, Auto Motor Und Sport attempted to create what they thought the Bugatti could look like. Obviously, this is just a simple render but it could prove to be quite close to the real deal although the renderer has missed out the raised wing that towers over the rest of the car in Bugatti’s sketch.

As the Auto Motor Und Sport render is missing a few key details from the sketch, many online renderers have been attempting to do better. DriveTribe user, Teodor Nastase is one of those and has managed to represent the sketch perfectly. This version even fits the EB110 brief better than any others. His incredible designs canbe checked out on his Facebook page, Teodor Nastase Design.