- This would be us seeing him enter the jungle.....

Could Clarkson make the I'm a Celebrity 2020 lineup?

There's a lot of talk of it, and now he's one of the most likely celebs to enter. Could this be a dream come true?

2/1 chance, so we're told. Not going to lie that's a good stat. It's not been very common that Jezza, James or Richard make reality tv appearances, so this would be a truly exceptional occasion. It's been a hope of mine for a long time that one of the three would give the show a bash some year. Let's consider things for a second.

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is a demanding show to be a part of, everyone knows that. Gruelling challenges, 24/7 cameras recording, in a camp with total strangers for weeks, demanding physically and mentally. The show as we know it is incredibly demanding, so on those grounds I figured if anyone, Hammond would be the one to take it on. However, Clarkson would certainly make nothing short of an extraordinary guest, given his loudness and opinionate-ness (what?). It would be tv gold, have no doubt. But how plausible is this possibility?

Well, the new episode of the Grand Tour is due out in just a couple of days, so I doubt I'm a Celeb's filming would interrupt The Grand Tour's next shoot. Outside of the GT, there's Jezza's farming show, which I have no clue about in terms of the production process, apart from the recent troubles with interruptions due to flying above the farm causing audio problems. But I reckon the timing is good. The other thing worth considering is the change in location of I'm A Celeb this year. Thanks to the pandemic, the camp this year will be in an old Welsh castle (one which I have seen in person many times I like to boast😄) so now would be better than ever for him to give it a blast if he is going to.

When is the new I'm A Celeb coming out? Yeah good question actually, usually it's before Halloween I think, so we don't have long to wait. Until then, fingers crossed? Thank you eternally for reading.

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  • I don’t think he’ll do it. It doesn’t seem like his kind of thing and he’s too famous (he’s not a has been yet and he’s certainly not a never been)

      19 days ago