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Could Formula One add a Miami race?

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With all the talk around more races, Miami has decided to throw it’s hat into the ring. A dedicated track layout has been submitted for approval. The location for said track is just outside the Miami Dolphin’s football stadium. No roads being shut down and used for racing, a track built specifically for Formula One. This means builders can implement safe runoff areas for drivers, vs a concrete wall like you have at converted street circuits such as Monaco.

A natural benefit of a Miami race is the weather. Given Miami’s location, the temperature is moderate relatively year-round. This means a race can be held early or late in the season when it is too cold or wet in other parts of the world. As they say, “location, location, location”.

There have been several hurdles for developers to jump through but as of now, it is looking like Formula One could be racing around this new track in 2021. Formula One is now urging fans in the Miami area to contact local politicians and express their desire for a Miami race. This is a clear sign that Formula One has strong desire to bring a race to Miami.

As an American, this is great news for me, and fans like me. With the only current F1 race in the states being held in Austin, Texas, I welcome another venue with open arms. More great racing stateside could potentially grow the F1 fan base even more, and I’m sure everyone agrees that is a good thing.

The last obstacle in the was is the Miami-Dade County Commission. According to local journalist David Lang, the commission is expected to vote on the track October 29th.

Now, will the FIA (the ruling body of Formula One) add this track to the calendar or replace an existing race with one in Miami? With the talk about “divorces” if the F1 calendar gets any longer, that is a topic for a later discussion.

Not only will a new racetrack bring a change of scenery to the sport, but it will also bring in an estimated 400 million dollars to Miami during race weekend. That’s not counting all the jobs that come along with construction and maintaining a track and the surrounding features (hotels, restaurants). This could not only be a win for F1, but a win for the city of Miami as well.

Florida currently plays host to the pinnacle of NASCAR, the Dayton 500. Formula One would be a great addition to the state's long-standing race history. There is little doubt that Miami would be a great host for any racing venue, especially one as large as Formula One.

Racing, in some form, has been a part of American culture since the creation of the automobile.

Here are fingers crossed that everything works out and we get some sunny, south Florida racing in the future. Given the new rule changes expected to roll out in 2021, I am all for adding some new tracks to the race schedule. Lets just hope those plans come to fruition.

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