- Skoda Roomster 1.9 TDI - 2009

could have been much worse

Adrian Pereţ posted in Rtc

1y ago


Nowadays I got stuck with only one hobby and that one is diving. I mean scuba diving. I mean cave scuba diving. Actually 'cave diving" is more down to earth name for it. Anyway, this kind of activity involves water, dirt, a lot of equipment for underwater activities but also equipment for dry caving and some (a lot of) driving to get to the actual location where you can practice this kind of hobby. As you might imagine, is not something that you can practice in your office gym. There are no flooded caves there usually. Or in your backyard. Ups, actually there is a flooded mine almost in my backyard, but that is not to be counted here. As the equipment involved is wet, smelly, dirty and a lot of it, I got kicked out from the family car then off I went chasing some wheel that can help me to carry the gear and myself around.

I wanted a diesel engine to be economical on long rides and have enough torque to get me moving all over the place, up and down when loaded with not much fuss.

I wanted it big enough to fit my diving gear. Believe me, when time comes to go on some long trips, the amount of gear for only one person is quite big and heavy.

Loading the Roomster just right.

I wanted a chair that can accommodate me together with my broken back that require the knees to be in a lower level than my butt.

I wanted under 100.000 km driven. Simply because it was expected to be reliable on some very long rides and I was also expecting to put some miles on it as well in the years to come.

I wanted to be cheap. Actually I wanted to be very cheap. Cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, cheap about taxation and insurance. As cheap as it could get.

Then I found Skoda Roomster. A car that have a very surprising look because the designers that made the front and the designers who made the back, never met. Most probably the final product was first visualized as a whole only when the first car went out from the assembly line otherwise I can't explain the design. From the side it is looking like two cars were stitched together as the front of it have nothing to do with the back of it. Anyway, I couldn't care less.

Purchased a very cheap one even even in the Roomster world, because inside the car it looked like some kind of fight happened that involved fire, shooting and sharp objects. More or less the inside was damaged here and there with broken plastic components, melted points in the door, missing trunk cover, different colors of side windows from the back as it was involved in some crash in the past on the right side and so on. Actually I was happy to be in such a bad shape inside because I could safely drop my heavy gear there without the need to be careful. I couldn't care less.

Went with it on some incredible adventures. Thousands and thousands of kilometers, fully loaded on all kind of roads. When I'm saying thoasunds, then I'm talking about 26 hours of non-stop driving for 1800 km with the engine stopped only when refueling. Driven on roads in mountains that where suitable more for 4x4 cars than "family" cars. Anyway, regardless of how bad the road was, I was driving it fast, as speed would always make the road to feel less bumpy. Basically I put a lot of stress on the car itself because of "don't care attitude" from my side. Year passed, the Divemobile (how I name it) was still running strong. Apart of some minor things, nothing went broken in it. When I say minor, I'm talking about very minor things. Front wiper metal rod that is under the windshield need replacement as wiper refused to work (spare part cost was 8 EUR) . Battery that died in one cold winter when outside was -28 C (new battery 80 EUR). Front and back break disks (about 200 EUR all of them). All normal things for a car with this kind of age and mileage. I couldn't care less.

Then about the car itself, I can say that it is just built. I mean it is built with a lot of shortcuts. Very cheap plastic in it, very limited amount of materials. Sound proofing non existing that made you to safely say that you are one with the engine, most of the time. Very close and personal. You can feel it, you can hear it. It is there in your lap. Audio system is a joke but at least it has an AUX 3.5 mm jack so you can put some Bluetooth device there to stream some music from your phone. Still the whole system was only responsible for producing some noise that was added on top of already big noise coming from the engine and wheels so good luck to understand anything out of it. I couldn't care less.

About driving? Well, who cares. It is very much about moving you from point A to point B. You can't be really serious even thinking asking such a thing about this car. Also because I equipped it with some "state of the art", never heard off brand summer tiers, actually the cheapest that I could find, it was quite scary in corner when wet so you really need to let it go slow, no rush, no push. I couldn't care less.

Comfort? Huh, well, yes, you can fit in it 5 peoples quite ok and sitting in the driving chair was ok even for long drives but I wouldn't call it "comfort". I couldn't care less.

Ergonomy? Hahah. Yes, very good if your hands are twisted by default and have at least 1.5 m in length, otherwise quite challenging task to change gears meanwhile resting your hand on the armrest or get you drink from the cup holder.

Economy? Well, this part it handled it very well, not sure why. Could be just because is so well built or because has so little thing on it so not much left to actually get broken in it. I mean was cheap. Cheap to ride, cheap to maintain, cheap, cheap, cheap. I couldn't care less.

After I used it for about 4 years, just burned. I couldn't care less.

Game over.