- The upcoming F5 Tornado is due to be unveiled on 1st November!

Could Hennessey's New Venom F5 Be The First Production Car To Reach 300MPH?

A new model with one goal - To go really, bloody fast!

3y ago

1st November is shaping up to be a day in history for the automotive world, as John Hennessey reveals the new Venom F5 model. It is named after the most powerful type of wind on earth, a tornado, capable of winds between 261 and 318MPH.

Hennessey stated that a top speed in the region of 290MPH was possible and we have previously heard rumours that the car will feature up to 1400BHP. Normally, hints like these are quickly followed by scepticism, but don't forget that the F5 Tornado is brought to us from the same manufacturer that brought us the Venom GT!

Stay tuned for 1st November when we'll see if Hennessey will release a Bugatti beater at SEMA!

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  • I’ll believe the F5 Tornado’s top speed claims if, and when, it is FIA certified.

      3 years ago