Could Hennessy's Venom Be The World's First 300 MPH Street Car

300 MPH, in a street car sounds like a truly awesome way to a spectacularly swift death. We'll take ours in black please!

4y ago

I am fairly certain it physically pains Hennessey employees to let a car leave their shop with less than a four figure horsepower number (or 6 wheels). They have been building 1,000+ horsepower machines long before the Veyron made it cool. Their cars are textbook examples of pure unadulturated insanity and we absolutely love Hennessey for it. Their latest creation is called the Venom F5 and it is the world's worst kept secret that Hennessey is gunning for the world production speed crown with this car.

But how fast will that ultimately be? Thanks to a new teaser image we now have a rough idea what Hennessey's target is, 300 MPH! Yes, 300 Miles Per Hour in a road legal car, that is utterly bonkers and totally unnecessary. It is also redonkulously awesome and yet another reason we love these guys.

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Comments (2)

  • Awesome. I’ll take one all blacked out thank you.

      4 years ago
  • I'll go for yellow or red.

      4 years ago