Could I be persuaded???

Britain's most controversial offering to the world since Margaret Thatcher, probably. Can time interfere with my hate/hate relationship of the Victor?

This, is the Aston Martin Victor.

Now of course, you knew that already. You will also know that this car very much fits the 'ugly duckling' criteria of Aston's simply mesmorising range. It ditches the typicality of the iconic Aston design mehtods in favour of becoming recognised as an icon. And well, that's certainly worked hasn't it.

So it seems that Drivetribe likes it..........a lot.

Now for me, the first time I set my eyes on it I thought it was awful. It juggled looking high and looking highly depressed at the same time. it looked as though even it itself, was petrified at its appearance. But time works magic on people. The BMW M3 AND M4 are now no longer the most hated cars on the planet, or maybe that's just because the iX took most of the hit for that. Either way time is a very powerful thing. We can't see it, but its always affecting us.

Woahhhh that's deep.

Anyway I'm now considering that this could be a case of the 'times-they-are-a-changing' thing on me with my outlook on the Victor. In fact I know it has, it's definetely grown on me. And now that I'm recognising it as the odd Aston out (but in a good way this time) I've had the chance to consider what sort of affect this is going to have for car lovers across the world.

Because Aston are usually famed for the typical pieces of sleek and strong engineering mastery that they have presented to us in the forms of the Vantage, Vanquish, DBS, DB11, DB9 and now dare I say it (and I do), the DBX, which is probably my favourite sports SUV yet.

That or the Urus.

ANYWAY I'm not here to talk about my unusual love for the SUV. I'm just procrastinating really. Now the Victor is a one-off granted, but this car has made a profound statement across the international community, and I wonder what Aston might do to act on this. Because let's be honest as much as I personally adore it to bits, the Vantage love-affair might be ever so slightly dying out I'm afraid. Maybe I'm wrong but it's just something I've picked up during my time on here.

Also while we are here, this gets my vote for one of the absolute coolest interiors everrrrr:

I do find that quite extraordinary! It's sort of iconic in itself. And here's a proper gallery to showcase the car once more:

Anyway in the interests of seeing where everybody now stands, please do take this poll.

Goodbye and thanks for reading, not that I said much.

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