Could I make it as a racing tyre tester?

4w ago


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I recently spent a few days with the Falken Tyres racing team trying my best to convince them that I am indeed a professional test driver.

I’m not sure how convincing I was, but spending time with the team really opened my eyes to how much hard work goes into testing and developing tyres for racing cars, and how many incredibly clever people are involved chasing down lap times before the season even starts.

The Falken Tyres team was at Portimao Circuit in Portugal trying to create the perfect tyre compound for their Porsche 911R race car – a car that’s been set the sizeable challenge of winning the Nurburgring 24 Hours race in May.

As far as I was concerned all slick tyres were the same. Black, round and incredibly grippy. However, the team ran countless laps and thousands of calculations to make a tyre that performs at its best for as long as possible. How did we get on? Well you can see the first part of my attempt at helping out in the video above.