- Red Bull Racing's RB16B challenger, being driven by Sergio Perez

Could Red Bull's 2021 title efforts hinder 2022-24 car?

The development of Red Bull's RB16B could HINDER 2022-24 cars as title battle between Red Bull and Mercedes roars on.

8w ago

The continued development of the 2021 Red Bull title challenger - the RB16B - could be a hinderance on their 2022, 2023 and 2024 cars, as Red Bull Racing focuses efforts on beating Mercedes to the title. Red Bull Racing also made a similar mistake by putting all of its efforts into its 2013 machine, therefore hindering them until 2021. While Mercedes still have the chance to grab its 8th consecutive title - and 8th title overall - since joining (or rejoining) in 2010.


Red Bull is focused on upgrading their challenger. the RB16B, seemingly more so than focusing all efforts into the 2022 machine and rightly so, this is the first time Red Bull have been able to challenge for a title since 2013, when they last won the title. Red Bull has not been a challenger from 2014, rather just a capitaliser. It's understandable why Red Bull would want to place all - or most - of its efforts into the 2021 basket, but this is where it could backfire on them. If we take a look at 2013, Red Bull were constantly upgrading their challenger, even though loads of it wasn't necessary, seeing as how dominant the machine was. Mercedes winning 1 race - Hungary - in 2013 prompted Red Bull to push upgrades late into the season. This oversight meant that their car was no longer the quickest, nor was it a title-winning or even title-challenging car, while the Mercedes was the one to beat. The same oversight could be happening now. If Red Bull wants to keep up their title-challenging form in 2022, they will simply have to stop developing the car. Mercedes could have the potential to catch the Red Bull and even re-take its position as the dominant car, if there would be one.


Max Verstappen can be overly aggressive at times and his car wasn't the fastest car over the British, Spanish and Portimao weekends. Lewis Hamilton's car - the Mercedes W12 - was the fastest car overall during those weekends. Mercedes and Red Bull are pretty evenly matched, Lewis Hamilton is an overall package. Red Bull does have the chance to be a title-winning team again with Verstappen, but the Dutchman needs to learn when to pick battles and when to concede - in Silverstone, Mercedes had the fastest car and the crash between Hamilton and Verstappen proved that Verstappen is over-aggressive and that he needs to pick his battles. If we were in an alternate universe, we would have seen Max eventually concede to the fact that his car was the 2nd fastest car on track, and that fighting Hamilton over the course of that weekend was fighting a losing battle, and he would have conceded 1st place. Lewis Hamilton would have dominated. As long as Max learns to pick his battles accordingly - battles he could win and battles he will definitely be losing - then it could be a real force.

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