Could this be the new BMW luxury SUV?

Could this be BMW's new luxury SUV being tested?

38w ago

Ever since the release of the X7 iPerformance concept back in 2017, BMW has rumoured a new car to join their SUV family and this could be it. People have slowly speculated what we can expect from this new X8 SUV such as - M performance version, hybrid power and a possible release date of 2020.

You can't see much detail in the design due to the camouflage the car is wearing but we can see that is is going to be very large though not quite as slab-sided and boxy as the X7. The X8 seems to feature a more rounded off design with lots more curves compared to the X7 and the rear end seems to slope down slightly giving it a more interesting shape. Also, the rear wheel arches are very wide giving it a more sporty look.

Moving round to the front you can't see as many details because of the camouflage covering many features, even the headlights. However, we can tell that it seems to have a rather large, square-ish grille, so I guess BMW is still sticking with their larger grilles but at least it's not like the new M3 and M4.

From the side angle, it looks to have quite a long roof so could it maybe have 7 seats? Probably not as I think this car is likely to be a rival for the Audi Q8 and the Range Rover Velar. If it doesn't have seven seats, they could use the extra space to give the X8 a much larger boot or a more spacious interior for passengers.

Could it end up looking like this? What do you think? Thanks for reading!

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Comments (8)

  • Another ugly overweight Luxo-barge, really?

    I am losing interest in BMW ...

      8 months ago
    • I agree. Lots of these new cars now just feel like they are bigger versions of current cars that are much more expensive. This kinda seems like a larger X6.

        8 months ago
  • Does the world really need an X8...... I think not!!

      8 months ago
    • Probably not. BMW now have 8 SUVs!

        8 months ago
    • Is there any point in this oneupmanship with Mercedes!

      Anyway, what does this do that the X6 doesn’t (another pointless vehicle) other than giving BMW the ability to charge £20k more per car!

        8 months ago
  • Maybe X2

      8 months ago
  • Oh no i think it will have that new BMW grill

      8 months ago