Could this be the worst car manufacturer idea ever?

Ford has applied for a patent on a system that would display a billboard’s information on the infotainment screen. Bad, right?

4w ago

Car manufacturers are constantly coming out with new ideas presenting tech that may or may not one day make it to your future car. In some cases, these ideas are downright bonkers. This is the case for Ford’s latest patent.

Pointed out by Motor1, a patent contains sketches of a system that would scan road-side billboards and display their information on the infotainment screen.

Clearly, this is an idea that Ford has come at from a commercial point of view. One could imagine the brand forming partnerships with companies to highlight more attractive offers and receive commission for sales by people known to own a Ford product.

That being said, having ads pop up on a screen next to a driver is without a doubt one of the worst car-based ideas I’ve ever heard of. As drivers, we are constantly being told to keep our eyes on the road and stay attentive to what’s going on ahead. In fact, when travelling down the motorway, the distance a car covers in the time it takes for someone to read something on a screen is massive. Any form of distraction therefore is horrendous.

One could argue that drivers know to stay alert at all times when behind the wheel. Furthermore, many cars nowadays have informative displays to point out road signs and remind drivers of speed limits. However, people are killed on the road every day because of people using their phones whilst driving.

After finding the patent online, Motor1 tried getting in contact with the Blue Oval about the possible future tech. A spokesperson said, “they [patents] aren't necessarily an indication of new business or product plans.” It seems then that, although conceived of in someone’s mind, Ford is not going to produce the frankly odd idea. At least until autonomous vehicles become the standard mode of transport that is.

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        1 month ago
    • LMAOOO 😂😖🤣

        1 month ago
  • Advertisers have a habit of making the brain familiar with their company and or product. They want brainwash the mind whenever possible. They already waste countless amounts of hours of people’s lives with this garbage. Ford trying to highlight these advertisements isn’t surprising, when your not by a billboard it’ll probably display “built Ford tough. People track your searches and in general internet usage, your purchases and what you watch on streaming services. Quite frankly the whole thing is creepy and corrupt, everyone wants your money and they are willing to spend money to get get your money. The classic cash 4 cash 4 gold.

      1 month ago
    • I couldn’t agree more

        1 month ago
    • Money, Financialisation. The modern religion. Believe we can conquer all if we just have more bright lights in front of us.

      Thanks for the posts. Marketing has gone way to far.

        1 month ago
  • Well we’ve got eyes... so what’s the need of this Ford

      1 month ago
  • Do I have to hit the little X in order to get back to my GPS screen? 😅

      1 month ago
    • Yes, and you must hit the exact center. If you are off at all, you will be redirected to the store, because you are clearly interested in our rubbish, er, fine product!

        29 days ago
    • And if autopilot is equipped, the car will make a U turn and take you to the store! Lol 😂

        29 days ago
  • This is idiotic

      1 month ago