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Could we see Aston Martin in F1 by 2021?

Aston Martin have expressed their interest in forming a Formula 1 team in the next few years...

Andy Palmer pictured on the left

Andy Palmer pictured on the left

There has been recent talks involving F1 figure heads, saying that new engine rules could be in the horizon, in order to reduce complexity and cost, so that new competitors are more easily attracted.

When discussing current f1 rules-"They are annoying the public and driving them from F1".

Aston martin boss - andy palmer

Palmer (Aston Martin boss) says that he would use F1 as a publicity and marketing stage, to increase and improve the current range of Aston Martin road cars.

Palmer had a lot to say about current issues in F1, claiming that it is no longer a drivers championship and now mechanics and technology is taking the limelight of the sport.

Why F1?

Well, one main reason to be honest. As mentioned before, Palmer wants to begin to expand the range of road going Aston Martin vehicles, as the company is starting to show potential once again. For example, last year Palmer made the company profitable for the first time since 2010.

However Palmer also wants to show that Aston Martin has the engineering capabilities to compete with current performance car giants who are also competing in Formula 1, such as Ferrari or McLaren.

Whats the catch?

Palmer has made it very clear that Aston Martin will not be able to compete in F1 unless there are considerable rule changes implemented within the sport. For example, a cap on the amount of time teams can invest in engine development.

This basically implies that Aston Martin wouldn't have the most competitive of budgets, which is very understandable from a company which hasn't been able to turn a profit for around 6 years! However this budget would still be in the "10s of millions"

"Obviously I am taking my board on a journey. We discuss it every quarter and I am warming them up to the possibility."

Andy Palmer

Would you like to see Aston-Martin competing in F1? Let us know in the comments.

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Comments (4)

  • Yes please, especially for the traditional Aston Martin noise. That should encourage fans to return to the sport quite nicely.

      3 years ago
  • Problem for me is that they use Mercedes engines in their road cars, what do they know about building a decent f1 engine?

      3 years ago
    • Very true Phil. There are rumors flying around about a potential partnership with Cosworth...

        3 years ago
    • So kind of the same deal. Let them build an engine and bring in your own software... Interesting.

        3 years ago