Could you have guided Aston Martin through the ages?

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Hope you enjoy the quiz!

Your best mate and co worker wants to start a brand new company. What will you produce at first?

  • Let's play it safe and start off by producing car engines
  • A full blown car, fully produced by this company
  • Sell various chassis to be coachbuilt upon
  • We shall become the greatest coachbuilding company in the land
  • Who said anything about cars at all? That's way too big of a dream.

Various investors have taken control of the company after a period of financial turmoil. What should they do?

  • Sell your engine to other manafactuers
  • Start the production of an all new car
  • Let the company die. It wasn't ever going to go anywhere anyway.
  • Release many cars in series
  • Become a distributor of a more major manafactuer

After producing aircraft components during WW2, you want to get back to building cars. How will you achieve this?

  • Truck on alone with a small but high quality model line
  • Seek new ownership to automate the manafacturing processes
  • Continue producing components for aircraft. They are probably more useful in this volatile and dangerous society
  • Take a decade long hiatus to regather ideas and funds independently
  • The company has played its part in the victory of the war, it now has a legacy and can be laid to rest for the last time

Your new owners would like you to produce a new model bearing their name. What type of car will it be?

  • What a stupid idea! I'm not doing that.
  • A high performance sports car to be based off of a soon to be produced race car
  • A bespoke limousine of the highest luxury
  • A stylish GT car for comfortable cruising
  • A limited edition very expensive car designed with aesthetics in mind above all else.

Your iconic "DB" series of cars haven't aged well in this new angular design period. What will be your next flagship?

  • A V8 muscle car
  • An aggressively styled but still refined long distance luxury cruiser
  • A highly equipped limousine
  • Try and smash the top speed record with a crazy supercar
  • Again, I see no point in letting this company live. It won't end well.

Your financial situation isn't great. Ford are interested in becoming your new owners. What do you think of the offer?

  • Sure, why not? We need help.
  • No, we're fine on our own.
  • I'll wait for another offer from a more premium company. I don't think this'll work out.
  • If we've been in such a bad situation this much we're gonna die off at some point. Why not kill it now?
  • I'd personally Iike them to have a partnership with us instead of being our outright owners.

With the backing of Ford you have the opportunity to expand and renew your model range. What will you do here?

  • Ditch the luxury image and aim to compete with mainstream manafactuers offering a model range including all segments
  • Build one platform and make several luxury GT cars off of it
  • Forget road cars and look to the race track
  • Become a very low volume (ie 100 cars a year) manafactuer
  • Try and diversify the lineup with GTs and supercars

Ford are long gone and you are in a partnership with Daimler AG. They want to electrify their lineup, but do you?

  • Never! We will fight for the ICE until the very end!
  • No, but we will research into alternative fuel sources to keep on the safe side
  • Maybe a hybrid here and there, we'll see how things pan out.
  • We aim to electrify our lineup fully within 5 years
  • If this is our only option then kill it. Now.

You chose to go public, but it didn't work out. What do you do?

  • Play the long game. Things'll pick up soon enough.
  • Pull out. It was a bad idea in hindsight.
  • Wait 6 months. If things are good then, keep it. If they aren't, leave it.
  • Take a pick at random. There's a 50% chance you'll make the right call.
  • This ruined the company's reputation. Kill it.

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