- Queensferry Crossing Opening 2017

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So today I started off the morning in a really good mood. The sun was shining, the coffee was creamy and then it all took a turn for the worst.....I read that Clarkson could of died if he stuck to his stubborn ways

Stay in or die

Clarkson's Doctor

For his own column Jezza decided to share his story with us all before arms and legs were added on and shared via some crappy news desk like the BBC or Sky. So as you can imagine this threw my world upside down and inside out.

What will we do with no Jeremy. I mean Richard and James are awesome guys but Jeremy is definitely the leader of that gang and with The Grand Tour just around the corner how dare he take not well ;)

He has never had a day off and has never wanted to not do filming/work yet this is one thing still didn't seem to faze him. As I read into his article I soon realised that he is getting better slowly and that he has even managed to stop smoking. This is amazing dedication from a legend we never want to die. Please please please Jeremy stay healthy and live boring so we can keep you around a lot longer ;)

Now I Had No Choice But To Pull My Finger Out:

So just incase he decides to take not well again, or Hammond decides to write off yet another fast car or James goes to slow to catch up with us I set straight to work on Scotland's famous new Queensferry Bridge Convoy. The location is below this paragraph on where we will be setting off so if you have a motorbike or Ford Van then we will see you there at 12.30pm for prep. If you want to join us in your car or modified motor then we will be at the start of the bridge from 1pm to cross.

So this article is mainly about the GT boys but try focus more on the art of Scotland than my mad shananiginz ;) We cant wait to see you all there and cant wait for the film to be finalized and produced.