Countdown of the top 10 naked motorcycles (short review)

Daily countdown (n0.4) - Ducati monster 1200 R

Whats black, red and full of attitude? Deadpool of course! Ducati have shown that over the years they have been able to build one of the most prestigious super naked motorcycles. Even Marvel have given Deadpool a shot and look at the two black and red heroes now, they both thriving.

Ducati is seen as the motorcycle version of Ferrari, and rightfully so. These Italians have created a wild stallion that roams this Earth fueled on pride and egotistical arrogance. This V-twin has 160 horses under its seat, but where does so much more power come from? Ducati has bumped the compression ratio from 12.5:1 to 13.1:1. This differentiates the normal Monster to the R.

"If I ever decide to become a crime-fighting shit swizzler, who rooms with a bunch of other little whiners at Neverland Mansion with some creepy, old, bald, Heaven’s Gate-looking motherfucker… on that day", I’ll give this bike a bad review, but we all know that won't happen as super heroes don't exist. (except for Deadpool)

Deadpool quotes the "127 hours" movie, who knew that Ducati had seen it too. They decided to chop of the one swing arm to be left with a single sided one, and man it looks amazing! Nothing compares to Italian flair, its slick and charismatic. Overall the new Monster looks leaner and meaner than ever before.

Pictures: Revzilla and ducati

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