Countdown of the top 10 naked motorcycles Winner!

Number 1 - BMW S1000r

After taking a long weekend off to test the BMW S1000R in Graskop (South Africa) my emotions of this bike defied any feelings I thought I could have. The winner of the top 10 super naked motorcycles comes down to the best compromise of speed, handling, seating and looks. It may be a little bias, but I think this bike is nothing short of beautiful.

The morning began with a early drive up to Graskop (bikes on trailer), a distance of 387km. When stopping for fuel it was already noticeable how the public flocked towards the S1000R. Its always a great feeling when ones bike gets noticed for being just down right gorgeous!

After four and a half hours in the car we eventually arrived. We were all eager to take the bikes off and gear up for our first ride. The fog was thick but that did not stop us. The true 160BHP of the BMW really put on a show, the acrobatics and ability of this naked motorcycle is breathtaking. We were aware that it was a special bike but to be so smooth, comfortable and safe in one bike is amazing. This is assisted by its flawless electronic driving aids as well as quintessential power. The bike is able to respond seamlessly to the riders every wish (wild or calm).

BMW have detuned The S1000RR's 193BHP to 160BHP to make a more manageable ride in an upright position, however at a rolling start and both in third gear the S1000R pulls a slight lead against the RR. This is because of how the mapping is configured, the naked option comes with a more mid to low end torque range which allows for more power at lower speeds.

The BMW S1000R that we tested is basically a naked S1000RR. It has four electronic riding modes, ABS and full traction control. It also has a semi-active electronic suspension which can be changed from hard, normal to soft by the click of a button. The Sport version also has a Dynamic Damping Control, which is rather amazing. This adjusts while on the bike and in ride according to acceleration, deceleration, road speed, movement of the wheel as well as shocks, and throttle position.

The R is lethal in the twisties as it only weighs 207kg and with an exceptionally comfortable riding position it is easy to get your ass off and knee down. The standard tires that come with the R are Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa which make going through the bends childs play.

Reliability and build quality is important but being a German bike this usually always tends to be of the best standard. The S1000R does not have the same exquisite build of its sisters the RR and HP4 but has proven to be very solid and authentic. The Beemer even comes with a very competitive price tag that trumps its rivals (Tuono, Super Duke and Brutale).

The weekend allowed me to bond with this champion and imagine how that made me feel...I went and bought one! The group of riders that accompanied me for the weekend were well impressed with the S1000R's qualities and that is coming from a staunch superbike following. The R has the power of a superbike with the leisure of a naked and the enjoyment level of A grade German ingenuity.

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